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At Dirty Windshield, we have a passion for life and personal development. We love sharing our journeys and experiences with others. Our hope is to inspire and motivate others to pursue their dreams. Every day is a new opportunity to change your life. What are you waiting for?

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AI: Bridging The Gap Between Man and Machine

Whether you realize it or not, robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) already play a significant role in our everyday lives. From smartphones to social media to spam filters, robots and artificial intelligence have become enormous parts of our life.

Guitar Practice Perfectionism is evil

Entry 1 The Perfectionism Epiphany and Initial Days of Breaking Away

Reflecting on the first few days of my journey to escape perfectionism. Sharing my epiphany moment and some of the revelations I have made thus far.

Puppy Sketch Day 8

Entry 2 Creativity To Overcome Perfectionism

In the last five days since entry 1, creativity has been a significant factor in my day. Drawing and sketching consume much more of my day than I initially expected. My initial commitment required only 30 minutes per day, but I find myself not wanting to stop once I have started.

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Entry 3 - Focus on Progress and Creativity

In January, I made great progress in my personal development journey. By focusing on deconstructing my perfectionist mentality, I increased my productivity significantly. Simple awareness of when I was falling into perfectionist traps allowed me to gently correct my thoughts.

Decisions - Life In The Moment

Decisions For Progress – Life In The Moment

Every day, we make thousands of decisions, both big and small. Many of these decisions occur, subconsciously, as habits and routines; while others, deliver a drastic impact on our lives whether realized or not. Our choices ultimately dictate our health, happiness, and well-being among other things. Life is a series of obstacles where your involuntary and voluntary decisions dictate the next possible paths. A simple shift into a mindful decision-making process will instantly branch you into a new direction.

Brick By Brick: Suffering is the Key to Happiness

Brick By Brick: Suffering Is The Key To Happiness

Think of yourself as a computer; you are operating based on the data written in your “software”; information based your set of experiences. This means that the family you grew up in, where you lived, the people you meet, all matter. Every aspect of your experience makes an impression on you, whether you are consciously aware or not. The positive or negative energy impacts us through this process.

Watching My First California Sunset, Venice Beach

Passionate People

Our mission is to seek out and display talented and passionate people. These individuals are often building a business pursuing their passion and purpose. Others are passionate about certain topics and love to share their interests with others. Some simply have a moving story about their efforts in reaching their dreams.

Morning Trail Run

Dirty Windshield's 2017 Road Trip Travel Log

The one stop shop for all the details our 2017 Road Trip. Dirty Windshield was on the road for 14 days. We traveled from San Francisco throughout California, into Nevada, then Arizona, hit Four Corners, then had some serious off-road adventures in Moab, Utah. Read all about our adventure here!

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