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About Dirty Windshield

Dirty Windshield is the place to come to immerse yourself in new and exciting topics and shop for premium items from upcoming entrepreneurs. Dirty Windshield holds the belief that we can build stronger communities through showcasing people, products, and themes that are driven by passion. Curiosity is a requirement for our team. Endlessly searching for new topics and products to inspire others. Dirty Windshield is truly a place for everything different.

Our Mission

At Dirty Windshield, our mission is to continuously increase our network of entrepreneurs with premium hand-made and custom items while providing additional background content to build value and help visitors and subscribers to discover their real purpose. Our mission involves helping others on their way to find their purpose in life. With a goal of creating an ever-expanding compilation showcasing various, fascinating interests and passions.

Life is more than your 9-5, do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life. The founders of Dirty Windshield understand not everyone can jump ship at their current job and dive full force into their business. Today, new businesses need to not only focus on their product or service but also must overcome being overshadowed by the ever-growing E-Commerce market. That is where Dirty Windshield comes in! Our founders personally seek out passion-driven folks who create amazing things and help them build their business through multiple online marketing techniques that will drive new and repeat business for years to come. Dirty Windshield welcomes guest bloggers and photographers who want to share their stories and photography with the world.

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