Author: Alicia Lourenco of Dirty Windshield

Artificial Intelligence AI Robot Word Cloud

AI: Bridging The Gap Between Man and Machine

Whether you realize it or not, robots and, more importantly, Artificial Intelligence (AI) already play a significant role in our everyday lives.  What was once futuristic and “just around the corner” is now compactly held in your pocket. From smartphones to social media to spam filters, robots and artificial intelligence […]

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Progress Word Cloud

Entry 3 – Focus on Progress and Creativity

In January, I made significant progress in my development journey, primarily relating to my focus on overcoming perfectionism and procrastinating. By focusing on deconstructing my perfectionist mentality, I increased my productivity significantly. Pure awareness of when I was falling into perfectionist traps allowed me to gently re-align my thoughts.  Instead […]

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Brick By Brick: Suffering is the Key to Happiness

Brick By Brick: Suffering Is The Key To Happiness

A dictionary would define suffering as the state of undergoing pain, distress, hardship, damage, or loss. But, this definition does not truly capture the feeling of suffering. Suffering is not the physical pain felt in the present moment; to suffer is a state of the mind, a mental attachment to […]

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Puppy Sketch Day 8

Entry 2 Creativity To Overcome Perfectionism

In the last five days since entry 1, creativity has been a significant factor in my day.  Drawing and sketching consume much more of my day than I initially expected.  My initial commitment required only 30 minutes per day, but I find myself not wanting to stop once I have […]

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"It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult." - Seneca Personal Development Perfectionism Blogs

Entry 1 The Perfectionism Epiphany and Initial Days of Breaking Away

About a week ago, during research work for a side project, it hit me.  Perfectionism is evil, and it is ruining my life.  This monumental revelation, by itself, shifted my mental focus in a much more positive and active direction.  A lot of the action, to be fair, is behind the […]

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Re-feed Post Water Fasting 5 Day Log

Re-feed Disclaimer: This daily log is thorough. The record includes information that some may find bothersome to read. This page describes all aspects of the first five days of the refeed from my water fast. This page includes repeating information on day 12 of my water fast when I decided to break […]

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Water Fasting for 12-Days Log Entries

Water Fasting Log Disclaimer: This daily log is thorough. The record includes information that some may find bothersome to read. This page describes all aspects of my 12-day water fast, including the first evening of my re-feed. Return to Water Fast and Re-feed Overview and Impact View Re-feed Log Entries Day […]

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Water Fast and Re-feed Overview and Impact

I completed a 12-day water fast on October 14th, 2017. Today is December 6th, 2017; I am ready to reflect on my experience. I will focus on:  the time leading up to my fast; the fast itself; and the impact the water fast has had in the 53 days since […]

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Decisions - Life In The Moment

Decisions For Progress – Life In The Moment

Every day, we make thousands of decisions, both big and small. Many of these decisions occur, subconsciously, as habits and routines; while others, deliver a drastic impact on our lives whether realized or not. Our choices ultimately dictate our health, happiness, and well-being among other things. Life is a series […]

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What Lies Ahead Trail of Moab, Utah

Day 14 – Long Canyon, Reverse Schafer Trail, Klondike Bluffs, then off to CO

Our last day in Moab was excellent. Finally, we got some sunny skies while on the trail. Itinerary:  11:00am Rode Long Canyon Trail 12:30pm Started Schafer Trail from opposite end 3:00pm Ran Klondike Bluffs Alternate 4×4 Trail 7:00pm Reached Parachute, CO where we will stay for the night Our Adventure:  […]

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