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What Lies Ahead Trail of Moab, Utah

Day 14 – Long Canyon, Reverse Schafer Trail, Klondike Bluffs, then off to CO

Our last day in Moab was excellent. Finally, we got some sunny skies while on the trail. Itinerary:  11:00am Rode Long Canyon Trail 12:30pm Started Schafer Trail from opposite end 3:00pm Ran Klondike Bluffs Alternate 4×4 Trail 7:00pm Reached Parachute, CO where we will stay for the night Our Adventure:  […]

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Schafer Trail Moab, UT

Day 13 – Schafer Trail, Corona & Bow Tie Arch, and Gemini Bridges

A full day of off-road adventures on the Moab trails. Itinerary: 9:30 am Entered Canyonlands Northern Entrance to wheel Schafer Trail 12:00 pm Began hiking trail for Corona Arch and Bow-tie Arch 2:00 pm Late lunch break 3:30 pm Back on the trail to see Gemini Bridges Our Adventure in […]

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Trailside Wreck Black & White Off-Road

Day 12 – Off-road Hurrah Pass and Chicken Corners

We rented a Jeep through Friday so there will be many off-road adventures this week in Moab. Itinerary: 8:00 am Contacted local Jeep rental companies for pricing and availability 9:30 am Picked up our rental from Canyonlands Jeep Adventures 10:00 am Headed in towards Hurrah Pass which leads to Chicken […]

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Through the Dirty Windshield

Day 11 – Canyonlands and Arrival in Moab

Canyonlands National Park to start our day. Now, finally, in our favorite spot, Moab. Itinerary: 11:40 am Visited Newspaper Rock Archaeological Site 12:20 pm Entered Canyonlands National Park southern entrance 1:00 pm Began hiking Confluence Overlook Trailhead 2:40 pm Began walking Pothole Point 3:15 pm Viewed Wooden Shoe Arch 5:00 […]

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Roadside by Four Corners

Day 10 – Four Corners and Lots of Driving

Today, we made a long haul from Flagstaff, Arizona to Monticello, Utah stopping at Four Corners. Itinerary: 10:30 am Left Flagstaff and for Four Corners Monument 4:00 pm Entered Four Corners Monument (time zone change occurred in the middle) 7:00 pm Reached our hotel in Monticello, Utah Our Adventure: Most […]

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Feeling Small at the Grand Canyon

Day 9 – Grand Canyon

All I can say about the Grand Canyon is wow! Itinerary: 1:00pm Reached Mather Point at the Grand Canyon National Park 2:45pm Reached Grandview Point at the G.C. National Park 5:00pm Back to Flagstaff for the night Our Adventure: The Grand Canyon certainly is grand. Mather Point The first glance […]

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Caution at the Hoover Dam, Dirty Windshield Road Trip

Day 8 – Arizona and the Hoover Dam

Quick stop at the Hoover Dam on the way to Arizona. Itinerary: 11:55 am Visited the Hoover Dam 1:30 pm Entered Arizona 5:30 pm Reached our destination of Flagstaff Arizona Our Adventure: Our trip today started off with no specific plans other than getting to Arizona. As we left Henderson […]

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Lone Branch Death Valley Sand Dunes

Day 7 – Death Valley

Very long day today driving to, in, and back from Death Valley Itinerary: 10:30 am Left Vegas for Death Valley 1:00 pm Reached Death Valley National Park 1:40 pm Walked D.V. Sand Dunes 2:15 pm Began hiking Mosaic Canyon Trail 5:30 pm Reached Badwater Basin 10:30 pm Checked in at […]

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Overlooking Las Vegas

Day 6 – Peace out Cali! Hello Las Vegas

A Little bit of a bumpy day, but that comes with the spontaneity of our trip and the excitement of Las Vegas. Itinerary: 9:00 am Checked out of the Tiki Hut 2:00 pm Reached Las Vegas 4:00 pm Checked in at the home we rented for the night 7:00 pm […]

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Elephant Stuck in the Tar, La Brea, Los Angeles

Day 5 – La Brea Tar Pits and LA

Spent the day in Los Angeles today and visited the La Brea Tar Pits. Itinerary: 9:00 am Checked out the local Bulletproof Coffee Cafe in Santa Monica 10:30 am Visited the La Brea Tar Pits 2:00 pm Drive by the Chinese Theater 2:30 pm Ride through Griffith Park 3:30 pm […]

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