Entry 2 Creativity To Overcome Perfectionism

Puppy Sketch Day 8

In the last five days since entry 1, creativity has been a significant factor in my day.  Drawing and sketching consume much more of my day than I initially expected.  My initial commitment required only 30 minutes per day, but I find myself not wanting to stop once I have started.  Between working on new art and a genuinely hectic week, the guitar has taken a bit of a backseat, but it is not gone.  The guitar is something I sincerely want to learn and will be giving it the time it deserves.

Creativity Sparking Creativity

Going into this particular personal development project my biggest concern was failing to find creativity. The entirety of my current work revolves around being creative, which seemed like a massive commitment while recovering from perfectionism.  However, the opposite occurred.  Since I have started to work on my artistic skills, I’ve noticed a drastic increase in creative thoughts I am having. So much so, that I am having trouble keeping up with creating every idea I think up.  It is a beautiful feeling.  Since sharing my recent practice work, the conversations I have had are giving me tons of great ideas to elaborate on in much more detail.

Creativity Based Drawing – No Need For Perfect

In the beginning, I determined it best to work from various videos I could find on the internet to review the basics.  I started with simple shapes and shading, then face structure, and now enjoying cartoon style drawing. Ultimately, I want to transition my drawing skills to digital design skills to benefit the Dirty Windshield T-Shirt Shop. Where being human fails me, there is graphic design software to save the day.

My Thoughts So Far:

  • With my focused mindset of not being critical of the results, it is much easier to create.
  • Practice makes progress
  • Imperfections make the drawing original and your own
  • Erasers are messy; Use them less
  • Spend more time focused on what I enjoy, less on what seems like effort
  • Leaving work unfinished may result in a better final product
  • Drawing/sketching/coloring/doodling/painting – can all quickly bring you into a state of mindfulness

First Few Drawings:

My first few sketches I look to have been a bit stiff and still suffering from perfectionist mentality. I drew these while watching along with some basic fundamental videos on YouTube.

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Drawings After Releasing Perfectionist Mentality:

I continued to work along with videos, but began to use more of my styling.  Mentally I felt looser, and physically I felt more control in my hand. Each day, I set an achievable goal to work on and concentrated on my work.

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