Day 9 – Grand Canyon

Feeling Small at the Grand Canyon

All I can say about the Grand Canyon is wow!


  • 1:00pm Reached Mather Point at the Grand Canyon National Park
  • 2:45pm Reached Grandview Point at the G.C. National Park
  • 5:00pm Back to Flagstaff for the night

Our Adventure:

The Grand Canyon certainly is grand.

Mather Point

The first glance over Mather Point took my breath away. This is another location you must experience to truly grasp the size and beauty.

Grand Canyon

The section we visited today is part of the South Rim of the Canyon. The vast expanse provides much to look at. The colorful rocks go on for miles and miles. In spots, you can view the Colorado River that carved this enormous, mile-deep Canyon. The river looks tiny in comparison, but it’s racing, muddy waters created this beautiful destination.


If you are interested in all things geological, the Grand Canyon provides layer upon layer of rocks. Also, the formations are amazingly epic. Some areas are fenced off, but there are areas where you can walk right out and overlook from the edge.

Last year, we missed this stop due to bad weather holding us up a couple days. I am glad we were able to make it this year.

Arizona Countryside
Arizona Countryside

Not sure where tomorrow will bring us, but today was excellent! Can’t wait to see what’s in store next.


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