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Dirty Windshield is truly the place for everything different. Our mission involves helping others on their way to find their purpose in life. With a goal of creating an ever-expanding compilation showcasing various, fascinating interests and passions. Life is more than your 9-5, do what you love and you will never work a day in your life. The first step in finding your purpose is personal self-improvement. It is essential to be the best version of yourself to reach the limits of your potential.

Once you have started the on-going process of self-improvement and personal development, you must determine what makes you feel alive.  For some, finding what drives them is not as easy. Whether you work too much, your commute is too long, you can’t afford to try as many new things, or you simply do not know where to start; DirtyWindshield can help you.

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Our mission is to seek out and display talented and passionate people. These individuals are often building a business pursuing their passion and purpose. Others are passionate about certain topics and love to share their interests with others. Some simply have a moving story about their efforts in reaching their dreams. We hope you find inspiration in their work! Also, we are ALWAYS looking for passionate people to share with our community. Go to Passionate People Main.

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Here at Dirty Windshield, we have a constant drive for personal development. We believe that every day is a new opportunity to be a better person. Check back frequently for our latest posts relating to personal development and bettering yourself. Go to Personal Development Main.


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