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Welcome to Dirty Windshield’s Passionate People

Our mission is to seek out and display talented and passionate people. These individuals are often building a business pursuing their passion and purpose. Others are passionate about certain topics and love to share their interests with others. Some simply have a moving story about their efforts in reaching their dreams. We hope you find inspiration in their work!

Dirty Windshield is curious and loves learning new topics to share with our community. This section is a constant work in progress; we are always in search of unique hobbies and people working with passion.  Those who do what they love, never work a day in their lives. In our experience, we find that individuals who care deeply about their work provide the best results and stand by the work they do.

Are you Passionate and want to Share?

If you are interested in sharing what you are passionate about, please email us at

Just a few groups we love to work with:

  • People who create custom and hand-made items
  • Freelance bloggers
  • Freelance photographers
  • Those who have a unique product or service
  • The sky is the limit! Let us know what you do!

Please include:

  • Your Name
  • Contact information
  • Best days and times to reach you
  • A brief description or images of your work

Do you know someone passionate?

If you know someone else who may find this of interest, please share our link. We truly appreciate it! 🙂


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