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Here at Dirty Windshield, we have a constant drive for personal development. We believe that every day is a new opportunity to be a better person. Check back frequently for our latest posts relating to personal development and bettering yourself.

Brick By Brick: Suffering Is The Key To Happiness

Brick By Brick: Suffering is the Key to Happiness

A dictionary would define suffering as the state of undergoing pain, distress, hardship, damage, or loss. But, this definition does not truly capture the feeling of suffering. Suffering is not the physical pain felt in the present moment; to suffer is a state of the mind, a mental attachment to a particular experience or situation. On a psychological level, the experience of suffering can be conscious or unconscious.

Think of yourself as a computer; you are operating based on the data written in your “software”; information based your set of experiences. This means that the family you grew up in, where you lived, the people you meet, all matter. Every aspect of your experience makes an impression on you, whether you are consciously aware or not. The positive or negative energy of our surroundings impacts us through this process. Full Article Here.

Decisions For Progress – Life In The Moment

Decisions - Life In The Moment Personal Development
Decisions – Life In The Moment

Every day, we make thousands of decisions, both big and small. Many of these decisions occur, subconsciously, as habits and routines; while others, deliver a drastic impact on our lives whether realized or not. Our choices ultimately dictate our health, happiness, and well-being among other things. Life is a series of obstacles where your involuntary and voluntary decisions dictate the next possible paths. If life isn’t going as planned, a simple shift into a mindful decision-making process will instantly branch you into a new direction. Full Article Here.



The Value of Being Curious

Curious curiosity dirt road einstein quote personal development
Curious curiosity dirt road einstein quote

We live in the age of information, yet many of us fail to engage in new hobbies or interests or learning or travel. From a young age, we are shoved off to school to learn a pre-defined set of knowledge roughly standardized across the nation. At the current time, there are fewer than 327 million people alive in the United States. Do all of these people have the same needs and interests? No, of course, not; then why is the education structured the way it is? Why do so many people fail to continue learning beyond their school years despite having access in the palm of their hands? Full Article Here.

Mindfulness Practices In Everyday Life

Mindfulness Word Cloud Header Personal Development

In this moment, are you happy? While this is a rather profound question that some may not like to answer, it is an important one. Often, we don’t take the time to be attentive to how we feel at the present moment. We are physically here, mentally elsewhere. Mindfulness is a mental state of focusing one’s awareness on the present moment without judgment. Awakening yourself to your current experience, rather than dwelling on the past or future, increases happiness. Continue Reading Here.



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