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Welcome to Dirty Windshield’s Food and Delicious Recipe Section

Please enjoy this page and come back frequently for our newest recipes and gorgeous food pictures.  We will also talk about our dietary lifestyle choices and spotlight some of our favorite ingredients.

A little bit about us…

In our household, we struggle with several food sensitivities and allergies. Because of this, we cook the vast majority of our meals from scratch with the highest quality ingredients available. Despite limited selections on ingredients to accommodate our health needs, we can create vibrant, delicious, healthy recipes. Limiting the types of food eaten can be challenging and tedious. Using a variety of spices and cooking methods we can break passed this boredom. More to come.

A little bit about our diet…

First off, we love butter! Healthy fats are the cornerstone of our diet. Carbohydrates are limited to fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, and starches. Meanwhile, added sugars and processed foods are nowhere to be found. Protein is consumed in moderation from the most humane source.  We pride ourselves on the homemade cooking of nutrient dense cuisine. More to come.


Gluten-free, soy-free, no added sugar across the board. Dishes that will invigorate your soul! Click over to our recipe page here!

Organic and non-GMO

Organic and non-GMO foods are essential in our home. Over the years, chemical companies have corrupted our food system to a great extent. In the United States, limited research is being done on the genetic changes to produce and livestock. However, as individuals, we can listen to our bodies and overcome the lack of available information. At this time, the real cost of conventional, genetically-modified farming is unknown.  Read more here.


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