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Soul searching for your purpose can make you hungry. Dirty Windshield loves delicious and healthy foods and wants to share its passion with others! Here we will spotlight a new food ingredient each month and link to any relevant recipes. Also, check back regularly for the latest articles on our dietary lifestyle and favorite foods.

Spotlight Ingredient

High-quality ingredients are key to delicious, healthy meals. Our passion for food starts with these elemental options. It is important to us here at Dirty Windshield to give credit where earned. A new ingredient will be in the spotlight each month. Please check back regularly!

August –

Organic and non-GMO

Organic and non-GMO foods are essential in our home. Over the years, chemical companies have corrupted our food system to a great extent. In the United States, limited research is being done on the genetic changes to produce and livestock. However, as individuals, we can listen to our bodies and overcome the lack of available information. At this time, the real cost of conventional, genetically-modified farming is unknown.  Read our Healthy Living – Leave Nature Alone Article here.

Healthy Fats! Brain Fog Solution

Waking up on a Monday morning (or any morning for that matter) can be difficult. This world is so fast-paced these days just keeping up can be exhausting. Food is no longer even food; our diets are poor at best. Following the Standard American Diet (SAD) [how ironic], we lack the bare minimum nutrition needed to flourish as an individual. Starting your day with a delectable, fatty, butter-laden coffee or tea can give you a burst of energy and eliminate brain fog. Read the Full Article here.


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