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Be in the Present Moment with Buddha quote

Be About It – Becoming Better Every Day

Each day, I wake up with a personal goal of being the best person I can be. However, this goal does not mean that I do the same generic things every day. I view each day as a new set of obstacles. Due to this, I define what will make […]

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Gustave Flaubert quote Colorado Reservoir Road Trip Spontaneous Freedom Wandering Soul Dirty Windshield

Spontaneous Road Tripping: Freedom for Wandering Souls

Planning your vacation is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Often we spend so much time overthinking and over-planning we miss out on the beauty of life. Spontaneous road tripping will certainly change your idea of travel. So, what is it? How does it work? And what tips can […]

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Curious curiosity dirt road einstein quote personal development

The Value of Being Curious

For what it’s worth I am an alternative concepts theorist and everyday devil’s advocate. Does this make me stupid or uneducated? Inbred? Crazy? Fat? All insults used against me for deciding not to accept an unproven theory as fact blindly. On the contrary, regardless of if I am right or […]

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