Day 10 – Four Corners and Lots of Driving

Roadside by Four Corners

Today, we made a long haul from Flagstaff, Arizona to Monticello, Utah stopping at Four Corners.


  • 10:30 am Left Flagstaff and for Four Corners Monument
  • 4:00 pm Entered Four Corners Monument (time zone change occurred in the middle)
  • 7:00 pm Reached our hotel in Monticello, Utah

Our Adventure:

Most of our day was spent driving through the Arizona countryside. Mile after mile of gorgeous rock formations lined the road. Compared to other areas we have visiting, Arizona’s landscape was very colorful.

Route 66

Our path took us on a lovely 50 mile stretch of the historic Route 66. Most of the area we traveled was extremely rural and appeared to be settled primarily by Native Americans. There were several Navajo Jewelry stands speckled alongside the road.

Four Corners Monument

We decided to make a stop at Four Corners Monument, which is the only place in the United States where four states meet at one point. The entrance to Four Points Monument resides in Shiprock, New Mexico. At the meeting point, you can sit, stand, or lie in the States of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah simultaneously.

Native American Maintained

The monument is managed by local tribes. It was clean and well maintained in my opinion. There were several booths set up selling Native American art, tools, and souvenirs.

Four Corners Monument has a nice setup making it easy to take photographs of the point where the States meet. The four corners touch right in the middle of the designated area. Each State has its unique section laid out around the point.

Off to Monticello

The remainder of our drive brought us through a small section of Colorado then into Utah. We are staying in the quiet town of Monticello for the night.

Open Road on the way to Monticello by way of Colorado
Open Road on the way to Monticello

Tomorrow we head to Moab until Friday. Ready for lots of excitement in the upcoming days. Moab is our personal favorite, check out why here.


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