Day 14 – Long Canyon, Reverse Schafer Trail, Klondike Bluffs, then off to CO

What Lies Ahead Trail of Moab, Utah

Our last day in Moab was excellent. Finally, we got some sunny skies while on the trail.


  • 11:00am Rode Long Canyon Trail
  • 12:30pm Started Schafer Trail from opposite end
  • 3:00pm Ran Klondike Bluffs Alternate 4×4 Trail
  • 7:00pm Reached Parachute, CO where we will stay for the night

Our Adventure: 

Morning Trail Run
Morning Trail Run

A perfect day in Moab today. Gorgeous blue skies, moderate temperatures, and rain fell again last night so plenty of puddles. We knew we had a long day of driving ahead of us, so we started late intentionally.

Long Canyon Trail

Our first run was Long Canyon Trail which is near Dead Horse Point. We actually rode this from the bottom up last year, but didn’t know the name at the time. The trail since backfilled at the most difficult portion near the top to make it a fair ride for any level rider. The best part of this trail is that you drive under a massive boulder that’s hanging over the road. Overall, this trail is a pretty quick run that ends at Jughandle Arch.

Reverse Schafer Trail

Collage of Ledge Climb on Trail
Collage of Medium Height Ledge Climb on Trail

When we reached the bottom, we were so close to the bottom end of Schafer Trail that we decided to just run it in reverse. There more people out than yesterday, but it was still relatively quiet. Some people choose to drive this in their regular vehicle, I’m not sure I would, but it is possible. Most of the challenging portions can be somewhat worked around if your vehicle is not high clearance or meant for off-road.

Heading Up Schafer Trail
Heading Up Schafer Trail


  • When time and regulations allow try to always run trails in both directions for two different sets of challenges.

Klondike Bluffs

Last, but certainly not least, we headed into the 191 entrance to Klondike Bluffs. This is the most challenging trail of any we ran this year. However, it’s important to mention that this was also the first trail we ran last year, which was our first time off-roading. When we went last year, we had no clue just had picked it at random.

Klondike Bluffs is my personal go-to and all-time favorite so far. As it was getting later in the day, we only completed a small section today. I will say it was tough. The main road through is mostly flat and not bumpy or rocky, but once you pick and off path you find some serious rock challenges.

Stuck on the Rocks

Beyond having to climb over rocks up and down, you also have to watch your sides as jagged edges stick out to add to the fun and danger. When we were a good ways in, we did decide to turn around so we wouldn’t be late getting back. This allowed us to do the same challenges in reverse, which was much harder. We actually got stuck briefly, but 4-low moved us out.  🙂 Next time, we will give this trail a lot more time since it really challenges and the weather in Utah changes this and all trails as time goes on.

Coming to an End

Let's Ride - Time to Head Home
Let’s Ride – Time to Head Home

Our Moab adventure was amazing. Our entire trip was relaxing, exciting, and inspirational. We will be in Colorado for the next couple day, no specific plans as of yet. I’m sure we will be taking it easy as we go straight back to work after we return Monday early morning.


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