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On my path to healthy living, I have tried multiple diets and many products, which have all ultimately failed me. Healthy living is more than a diet; it is a way of life. Each day one must dedicate themselves to making responsible choices that work well in your life. Every individual may find that one solution works better for them compared to the others. With that said, certain concepts tend to work better than others and also work on the vast majority of individuals.

Nourish Yourself Healthy

Nourishment is essential for survival, we all know that but what is food? Food is any nutritious substance you consume (eat or drink). A lot of what people consume, especially in the United States, doesn’t qualify as a nutritious substance. Our food system has been manipulated over the years to an almost unrecognizable state.

Have you ever eaten a large meal and felt hungry only a couple hours later? This feeling is common in the Standard American diet. The nutrient-lacking produce, the sickly livestock, and chemical-filled processed foods most people consume are not providing the sustenance we need. We over-consume calories, but under-consumer the necessary micronutrients we need. Every body is different, but there are RDAs, or Recommended Daily Allowances, for each vitamin, mineral, and macronutrient. RDAs specify the recommended minimums, but in many cases, it is generalized or lower than it needs to be. As with any supplementation, it is always my recommendation to consult a health care professional who can assist with determining the correct doses for your personal needs. Please keep in mind that some vitamins and minerals also have an upper limit, which should always be followed to prevent bodily harm.

Organic Healthy Antibiotic Free Chicken Pot Pie Filling
Organic Healthy Antibiotic Free Chicken Pot Pie Filling

Genetically Modified Organisms

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) have been introduced far and wide across our harvests in a supposed attempt to stave off world hunger. Bacillus thuringiensis otherwise known as Bt Toxin is being sprayed on and even added to our crops at a genetic level where it now cannot be washed off. Chemical companies now own patents on seeds that once were part of nature. Disturbingly, this is not enough for these companies, and they also like to “enhance” our now food like products with additional pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, and other chemicals. This change has brought us to the point where we consume fake chemical laden “food.”

Bt Toxin

Bt toxin, part of the same family that causes anthrax and food poisoning, is a bacterium that produces proteins that are toxic to insects causing their stomachs to explode. This bacterium alone has decimated the bee population throughout the world and seriously harmed the soil where genetically modified crops are growing. Despite chemical companies’ insistence that this product is safe, research has shown that this same insect killing toxin is harmful to humans. Today in America, they keep this information hidden from us.

Evidence shows Bt toxin remains in the human gastrointestinal tract even after the food that it entered with has long passed, resulting in an increased existence of leaky gut syndrome. The aggressive mechanism of Bt toxin harms the digestive system by attacking healthy gut cells. Then, in turn, burns holes in the intestines. There is also substantial evidence that Bt toxin affects other organs throughout the body.  The extent of this damage is still unknown. Shockingly, little research is done on GMOs and Bt toxin as a whole; the research that has been done is discredited and the doctors and scientists reputation ruined.

Adding Bt toxin at a genetic level has allowed farmers to spray their fields with glyphosate weed killer from large machines or crop dusters. In the past, this was done manually to ensure only the expected weed was affected. Due to this, weeds have rapidly become resistant to herbicides and crops have diminished in sustenance. Overall, more glyphosate is used now than ever before, so where is the benefit?

Now what?

Healthy Organic Vegetables Swiss Chard, Green Onions, Sprouts
Healthy Organic Vegetables Swiss Chard, Green Onions, Sprouts

Next time you are inside the grocery store begin by purchasing organic or non-GMO varieties of the foods your family eats most. Meats and poultries should be antibiotic free, at a bare minimum, pasture-raised is even better. For red meat, I strongly recommend 100% grass-fed as this results in the healthiest meat. For produce, see this list of the Dirty Dozen Plus, which is the most unhealthy and modified. If you are not ready financially to commit to 100% organic, here is a list of the Clean 15, which has been deemed unnecessary, at least at this time, to purchase organically.


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